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Hillary toady and Undersec of State, Pat Kennedy bribes the FBI to reclassify a Hillary email.

Despite recent events, Fox News’ Megyn Kelly has trouble accepting the possibility that the FBI might be biased in favor of Hillary Clinton.

Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano was on “The Kelly File” Monday to discuss the release of over 100 documents related to the investigation of Clinton’s use of a private email server. Included in this release was evidence that one of Clinton’s top aides when she was secretary of state, Patrick Kennedy, purportedly offered a deal to the FBI in exchange for the bureau agreeing to reclassify some documents to protect Clinton, a “quid pro quo” as described by an FBI agent.

“Well, this stinks to high heaven and we don’t have to look far to figure out whether at least the person on the receiving end of the proposed deal thought it was a ‘quid pro quo’ — because it’s in the FBI agent’s notes!” Kelly said to open the segment.

Fox senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano agreed, saying that while markings on documents are routinely changed so lower-level bureaucrats can read them, “they are never, ever, ever, ever lawfully changed after they’ve been subpoenaed, and when they’ve been accumulated as evidence in a criminal investigation.”

And while Kelly characterized Kennedy’s actions as the “offering of all these carrots,” she balked when Napalitano said this amounts to bribery and questioned whether the FBI was “in the tank” for Clinton by not acting on the crime.

“The offering of the carrot, even though it was not accepted by the FBI, is an attempt to commit bribery,” the judge said. “The FBI didn’t see it that way. They didn’t charge him with anything, either because they felt they couldn’t prove the case or maybe the FBI was in the tank for Mrs. Clinton and all of her people from Day 1 of these investigations.”

Nah… that’s not easy to believe,” a highly skeptical Kelly quickly chimed in. What?

Given the actions of FBI Director James Comey, it’s kind of hard to believe anything else.

While Napolitano agreed with her assessment, he added: “But the evidence is there in the FBI document that came out over the weekend … So, that’s an offer to bribe, to deface evidence [and] to obstruct justice.”

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