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Dave's Latest Article!! 9/29/16


By Dave Weinbaum

Posted Thursday, September 29th, 2016 @ 3:15PM

For Immediate Publication

As of a few weeks ago, the coronation of “It’s finally my turn” Hillary seemed assured. Celebrating the certain victory were the far left, a delusional Hollywood, traitorous RINOS, the MSM, included a two-on-one debate by a farce of a moderator; NBC’s Lester Holt.

The Hillary campaign berating of Matt Lauer for daring to challenge Crooked Hillary worked. So, they decided to try to “fix” the debate, publicly and probably privately, chiding Holt into challenging not both candidates, just Trump.

As a high school football player, the coach would put me in on occasion as a defensive tackle—this when one of our behemoths either goofed up. Mind you, as a senior I was 154 lbs. and had never played defensive lineman in a game.

On the first play I sacked the QB. On the second play I shared in a group tackle. On the third play, I was double-teamed by two YUUUGE blockers who were told to drive me into China. They nearly succeeded.

Donald was thrown into a double team and he went after Holt and the Queen, SIMULTANEOUSLY. He not only survived but was considered the winner in most polls. Remember, he was up against a person who has debated for about 50 years of her life. This was his first one-on-one—I mean one-on-two debate.

Unlike my high school football game, Trump negated the ethic-challenged vicious attack from Holt and the piling on by Crooked Hillary without significant damage.


It’s ironic that my only communication with Donald Trump was at his speech at a CPAC session after the 2012 elections. Believe it or not, The Donald was relegated to a side room where there were about 150 people. Look at the crowds he draws now—including the 85 million who watched Monday’s debate.

During his speech Donald went on and on how he didn’t understand why Mitt lost. Finally, in frustration, I yelled out to Trump, “HE (ROMNEY) LOST BECAUSE HE LAID DOWN IN THE LAST TWO DEBATES!” Donald looked my way and said, “You might be right!”

If Donald did any debate prep at all, he probably watched the debacle where Romney was assaulted by CNN’s Candy Crowley, the moderator. She interrupted Romney and virtually called him a liar about Obama not calling the Benghazi massacre terrorism for 14 days. Obama jumped right in and piled on the chorus of discourse. By the way: Crowley and Obama were later proven wrong.

Mitt didn’t see that coming. After that fiasco, Romney laid down in a fetal position for the rest of the campaign—talk about a seminal moment in US Presidential races.

I don’t know if Trump remembers what I said but isn’t it interesting when Lester Holt called him a liar on several issues he fought back relentlessly? Yes, he was distracted and yes Trump didn’t pivot enough to shine the light on one of the most crooked, corrupt people alive. But there are two more debates and Donald will improve on that.

But if he had let Lester get away with what he tried to do, Trump would have had trouble living it down. So, he took on Lester and beat him back while an unchallenged Hillary did some nasty stuff to him.

Trump fought back. Both Romney and McCain crawled in their little box of PC protection and refused to come out. The only people excited were Obama supporters.

I would have taken a different tact with Holt via Newt Gingrich. I would have called Lester Holt out and demand he abandon his moderator status and share the podium with Hillary—wire and all.

A line for Donald’s next debate: If Hillary wins she may be the first and only President who would opt to take the 5th in response to the oath of office.

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