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My son Aaron and his quest for Twitter to recognize his personhood.

Aaron Weinbaum's blog posted on the Huffington Post website

Just a few minutes before I decided to write this article, I submitted an application to Twitter to verify my account. You see, I am in search of a check mark next to my name. For some reason, I need Twitter to reaffirm that I am a real person. This will be my second attempt at verification. My first attempt, exactly 30 days ago, did not go my way. I thought my own website, where I have several links to articles and tweets that I have had published, would be enough. I was wrong.

After my initial failure, I contacted a few friends for advice that recently went through Twitter’s verification process successfully. Apparently Twitter does not need my website to tell them I am a real person, they need websites ran by other people to prove I’m checkmark worthy. It would seem that self-importance is not the key to Twitter verification, you need to be able to prove you are important enough to others to put on their websites. I submitted a driver’s license, but unfortunately that doesn’t prove I am real or have something to contribute.

Did I take my rejection personally? Maybe I did. Sometimes in life you have to accept that validation, or in my case verification, doesn’t have a lot to do with how you, or even your friends and followers, perceive you. Twitter is fun, but it is really nothing more than something I like to tinker with in my spare time. I have written a few poignant articles here and there, and even produce my own podcast with over 100 episodes. However, most of my 10,000 Twitter followers have come from me being a goofball that rattles off one-liners and puns. In the past I have even been responsible for a trending topic or two. All of those accomplishments mean something to me, but doesn’t make me a real person.

As of this writing, I have no idea if Twitter is going to verify me. If I am not verified, I’m sure I will be more than a little frustrated, not to mention the fact I don’t like to fail. I have more than enough accolades to prove I’m a real person. I have been published on more websites than I can count (visit here if you don’t believe me). If that isn’t enough, I also carry a valid driver’s license, possess a US Passport, and have a Sam’s Club card with my photo.

Update 9/17/16: Recieved my rejection notice that my account is not eligible for verification at this time.

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