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Levin finally opts for Trump after eviscerating him as a terrible candidate

On Tuesday’s Mark Levin show, Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are horribly flawed candidates. It’s clear that the nation didn’t nominate its best. However, one person gets more electoral votes than the other and we will have a president. This president will nominate many federal judges and may nominate 1/3 or more of the Supreme Court. When it comes down to Election Day, it is a binary choice. We have Hillary who wants to have “free” college which will put the nail in the coffin for the national debt. She is going to increase the death tax, capital gains tax, supports abortion on demand, partial birth abortion, and wants to nationalize the police force and continue Obama’s violation of the Constitution. Donald Trump is not a conservative and has little difference with the Democrats when it comes trade and even supports a minimum wage increase. However, Trump has an outstanding tax proposal that is similar to Ronald Reagan’s and wants to bring back over a trillion dollars overseas to be invested in the U.S. economy. Trump is also pro-military, pro-law enforcement and against the Iran Deal. These are some of the reasons why Mark will be voting for Donald Trump in November; he is clearly a better choice than Hillary. She is far too dangerously liberal to allow anywhere near the Oval Office. Also, conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly passed away on Monday. She was an outstanding woman who fought hard for liberty and had an enormous impact during her life. If all she did was defeat the ERA, that would have been enough, but she did much more than this. Her influence will be felt for decades to come.


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