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Dear Lukas Customers,

cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am of the successful turnout we had for our Rare Whiskey Release Event last Saturday. We featured eleven whiskeys totaling 94 bottles. Over 80 people showed up to enter the lottery for a chance to buy a limited release Bourbon. The good news is that every customer got something. I explained to these folks how Lukas has always despised "good ol' boy" clubs. Total Wine now has a V.I.P. program. All indications are that it is a failure. People, in general, want to be treated fairly and with respect. Lukas has shown this to our customers for the last 16 years. This is why last Saturday was so successful. Thanks again.

Sometimes I get the urge to talk about people and my wonderment as to what makes them so inflexible. Last week a couple came in to buy a bottle of wine. I asked the man if he needed any hel....Before I could finish the word "help," the man abruptly said NO! After wandering around the Wine Department, they finally asked where the Vinho Verde was. I showed them the Vinho Verde section and he sternly asked for a particular brand. We were out of this brand because of an out of stock at the distributor.

I had a lovely conversation with the wife about the history of Vinho Verde, how it was made and why it had an effervescent sensation to it. Keep in mind, all of our Vinho Verdes sell for around $8. This man is staring at me like I'm a commissioned sales person. (a.k.a. Total) He is acting like I'm going to make enough commission to pay my mortgage on his $8 purchase. The wife asked him if he would like to try any of the other seven Vinho Verdes. He said he wanted the brand he came in for and nothing else. As they were leaving, the wife is following him just shaking her head.

Remember folks: We do not work on commission. When we suggest something, it is for the sole purpose of enhancing your libation experience. This poor man was probably sold some inferior private label that tasted like crap by a commission sales person from Total. Shwing!

Wrist band wines this weekend will be awesome. Three tables manned by three great distributors.

"We will never bait and switch our customers."

"We will never work on commission."



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