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New Poll Question 08/30/2016

Who do you think Muslim Terrorists support to be president, Hillary or Trump?

Facebook comments

Nancy Wofford I do not think they support anyone. They only support their agenda no matter who is president in this country. It matters who WE support because one of these things is not like the others.

Andrea Silver Yeah, it's unlikely they make much of a distinction because they don't involve themselves in our politics. If they did, Hillary would be their choice.

April Winn Whisenhunt Biggerstaff Hillary

Judy Wagner Biondi Hillary, no doubt in my mind! She intends to bring them in by the thousands and she's backed by the Brotherhood! As long as her fortune and family are secure, she could care less about "We the People" who will suffer from the invasion.

Coelho Zé Trump, as they are dying to be with their 72 virgins.

Coelho Zé Hillary is the merkal of Europe

Scott Ice Neither

Larry Evans Hillary without a doubt. She is always looking for donors

Desire Sakkal H&H .. HILLARY and HUMA

Shaina Batshevah Hillary

Kevin Cain None that is the dumbest question you have asked to date Dave. For some reason you seem to seem to think of that is the problem for you right there you start to think you speak the truth. Remember just because you say it a thiousand times does not mean

Andy Bowers Seems to me the US is sitting on her hands face it Os a simpathizer

Dave Weinbaum Kevin, why so disturbed? I asked a question. Hillary and the Dems claim that Trump is the biggest recruiter for ISIS. Trump says the policies of Obama and Hillary have helped create the ISIS monster. There are 2 sides. And I'm curious as to what people think. Why can't you deal with this? Kevin Cain NONE IS THE ANSWER TO YOUR QUESTION !! Because just like the sitting president the air war is where we need to stay let the people of the area deal with the boots on the ground and keep our eyes open for signs of people that have hate and destruction o...See more

Timothy Teague Ever since Obama took office the race card has been in the media more than the past . they need too stop and worry about how we are going too fix this country. How come we cant unite ? As far as isis goes why arent we in full force fighting them . How many more people have too die? Before we get involved.

Kevin Cain You sending your or son or daughter over there to die to get involved what people you sending any of your loved one off to the Middle East to die again! Let the people of the area with our backing in the air let them do the fighting ISIS s more of there own people every day than any of us

Timothy Teague But we go into every other war . why stop now.

Larry Evans Kevin Cain, my son has fought for this country .....several times!!!!

Carol Morgan Hillary

Dee Miller More Obama !!

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