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Trump: Hillary would rather give job to illegal alien than a black.

On his second visit to Michigan in two weeks, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Friday blasted Democratic policies he said have destroyed Detroit and other urban centers and called for African Americans to support him, saying blacks cannot expect change otherwise.

Accusing Clinton of preferring polices that would help refugees instead of blacks who have become "refugees in their own country," a feisty Trump promised job creation and a revitalization of manufacturing centers, saying Democrats are all "talk, talk, talk."

"Only a change in leadership will produce a change in outcomes," he thundered before a raucous suburban audience.

Trump's remarks, however, seemed somewhat out of place, given that he was delivering it in a hall outside Lansing, halfway across the state from the Detroit. He also hammered away on a message than Michigan manufacturing is in the dumps, just days after Gov. Rick Snyder -- also a Republican -- noted that unemployment in the state has dropped to its lowest levels since the early 2000s.

"Your business and plants have been ripped out," said Trump, who repeated earlier promises to stop manufacturing from leaving Michigan -- even though auto jobs are up sharply since the depths of the 2007-9 recession. The North American Free Trade Agreement -- signed into law in 1993 by then-President Bill Clinton -- is widely blamed for moving auto production to Mexico, though much of that movement south was underway in the years before the trade pact was signed.

Hillary Clinton has also called for a review of NAFTA. Trump said she's not to be believed and again said he would raise a tax -- presumably a tariff -- on car companies that move production to Mexico. He also repeated his charge that Clinton secretly supports a proposed Pacific Rim trade deal -- though Clinton has said she no longer backs it.

Trump said "the Michigan manufacturing sector is a disaster," and no sector has been hurt more by "Hillary Clinton's policies than the auto sector," statements which seemed to ignore that since the rescue of General Motors and Chrysler in 2008-9, auto manufacturing jobs in Michigan have grown from 22,800 to 38,200 and auto parts jobs also have grown, from 73,400 to 162,800.

"Mexico will become the car capital of the world very quickly and Michigan is going to end up with a lot of empty buildings all over the place unless you elect Donald Trump," he said. READ MORE

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